The purpose of this website is to showcases the private insect and spider collection of amateur entomologist, Andrew Markey. The goal of this website was originally used as a personal database for his mounted insects but it was decided that perhaps other insect collectors, entomologists, educators or artists would be interested in viewing the collection.

Andrew's insect collection consists of 618 recorded specimens from around the world, professionally stored in 21 Cornell entomology drawers and a few larger presentation displays. The collection has over 75 specimens of Phasmida, over 80 Orthoptera, and nearly 50 Mantodea. You may view the Specimen Database for complete records. The website is still underdevelopment and many insects are being added, but you are welcome to take a virtual tour of the collection at any time. Check back frequently for new additions. You may also follow Andrew on Instagram @bugboy for new updates!