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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Andrew and I am an insect enthusiast that has been fascinated with insects since my early childhood. Growing up I was known as the Bug Boy, a nickname given to me by others in the neighborhood. The earliest memory of my fascination with insects was after I discovered a large grasshopper in my backyard, which led me to catch and observe it. I told one of my elementry school teachers about the grasshopper and he informed me that the study of insects is called entomology, and that I should visit the library for books on insects. I checked out several books and field guides, one specifically talked about how to collect and preserve insects. This led me to the road to perdition. Another influence is collector and entomologist, Oliver Greer. His massive collection of over 2,400 specimens is on display at the Harrell House of Natural Oddities in Sante Fe, NM. He's a big inspiration and has somewhat become an idol of mine.

I started my collection with local US insects first before expanding to the extraordinary large ones found overseas. Although I have been collecting insects for nearly two decades now, I consider my collection rather small compared to some others, and unfortunately, most of my original local insects have been lost and/or destroyed. In my spare time I organize local entomology outreach programs for school children and community organizations so that I can share my knowledge and passion with tomorrow's generation.

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