Other Insects

Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) - Megaloprepus caerulatus in center with a 176mm wingspan from Mexico

Praying mantids (Mantidae) with Choeradodis rhomboidea (F) and Choeradodis stalii (F) to the left and Idolomantis diabolica (F) [Tanzania] at top center

Praying mantids (Mantidae) box #2 with Paratoxodera cornicollis and various Toxodera. Stagmatoptera supplicaria (F) [Peru] at top right.

Cicada (Cicadidae) from all around the world

Various true bugs (Hemiptera) from all around the world including water bugs from the genus Lethocerus at the top, lanternflies in the middle, and cicada at the bottom

Bottom left corner tray are the tarantula hawks including Hemipepsis speculifer diselene. To the right is possibily Pepsis heros (F) from Peru with a 100mm wingspan. Two top right trays are Vespa species